Expert InstallationIn addition to selling quality windows and doors, we also provide the following services to ensure that our customers receive the best customer care possible.

Free, no-hassle, no-pressure consultations and quotations.
We believe that the quality of our products and our dedication to providing outstanding customer service will earn your trust, confidence, and your business. In working with us, you will never have to deal with a high pressure salesperson pushing products on you that simply don't fit your needs or your budget.

Expert installation.
All of our installation work is performed by highly trained and skilled professionals, each with American Architectural Manufacturing Association (AAMA) certification. We guarantee that the work we perform for you will be done in a timely and efficient manner with the window and door products purchased installed to the highest professional level standards.

Warranty work and service.

JMJ Custom Windows & Doors expands upon the standard 2-year manufacturer part warranties by offering our exclusive lifetime warranty on the installation work.

Our pledge to you...

  1. That nothing less than complete honesty is acceptable in our delaings with clients and trade partners alike.
  2. That we will view the wishes and concerns of our clients as our first priority, and we will continually commit ourselves to achieving 100% customer satisfaction as our primary objective.
  3. That we will conduct, on a daily basis, our business operations in a manner that will reflect credit upon ourselves and the remodelling community.
  4. To be a good neighbor within our community, reinvesting locally to enrich the lives of those around us.

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